Brooks Computers

Brooks Computers. Born August, 2003. I remember this, even now, because England had won the Rugby World Cup!

With Philip, Laura and Andy sharing what can only be described as a “shed at the bottom of the garden” (Philip’s garden in fact) we made our way in the world of business. Soon it was obvious we had out grown our workshop and decided to look for pastures new.

In 2005 we took the bold decision to move into a retail shop. 17 Woodstock Road in Toton. Quickly we and became the local computer repair shop for the area. We we open ridiculous hours. 7 days a week from 8am – 8pm.  Employing seven members of staff, including ‘Billy’ who lived opposite the shop, we became really busy.

Computers and Broadband Internet, along side mobile phones, had negotiated their way into every aspect of our lives. Happily 2012 saw Laura getting married and soon becoming pregnant.  She somehow juggled work life and bringing up her beautiful young daughter Lyla. In 2013 Beverley joined the day to day operations and we moved again to a busier location next to the post office in Toton. It was here we welcomed Niall and Matt into our family business as very young computer apprentices. Both did well. Niall eventually left to go to university and Matt was head hunted to progress his career as a computer server technician.

As Matt and Niall were leaving Laura was welcoming a beautiful brother to Lyla by the name of Ronnie. It was soon apparent she had her hands full and left to concentrate full-time on her expanding family.

Covid altered more than just our way of working. For many much worse. On the 23rd March 2020 Boris instructed us all – “From this evening I must give the British people a very simple instruction – you must stay at home”.  It was surreal. No work for the first time in two decades – bills to pay and the sun was shining! It’s silver lining for us was giving us time to reflect. We came up with the idea (like many) of a Collect and Return service instead. As key workers we were allowed to start working again and are continuing to operate in the same manner now. Whether we go back into a retail shop I honestly don’t know. Maybe?

We are witnessing the marriage of High Streets and Online for better or worse. Certainly, during the pandemic the Internet was a God send. Times are a changing but through it all we are very lucky to be working as hard as ever. In our new normal way.

Thank you for all your years of support each and every one of you and we hope to see you very soon!