Backing up

3 Signs Your Laptop is Overheating?

An overheating laptop will eventually cause your laptop to fail – lookout for these 3 telltale signs

1. You cant use the laptop on your lap because it is too hot!

If the underneath of your laptop is so hot it is uncomfortable on your lap then it is a sure sign your laptop is clogged up and the fan is not spinning correctly.

2. Your laptop is starting to become really slow in day-to-day operation.

When your laptop’s CPU becomes too hot it will start to malfunction. This will in turn cause errors and slow your laptop down. On some laptops, your computer has a heat sensor that will actually slow your laptop down to protect it.

3. Your laptop switches off without warning.

When your laptop becomes too hot sensors in the laptop trip the heat protection circuits in your laptop and the laptop will just switch off. This switching off can cause lasting damage to internal components such as your hard drive. If you suspect your laptop is overheating it is important to make sure you regularly back up important documents.

What Can I Do to Stop My Laptop Overheating?

  1. Ensure your laptop is used in a dust-free and clean environment where possible. Laptops have fans (as the picture shows) and vents that allow your laptop to stay cool. If the fan or vents become blogged then your laptop will overheat. Pets are often the cause of blocked fans because their hair gets trapped over time.
  2. Never leave your laptop running unnecessarily. Your laptop is like a mini vacuum cleaner. It pulls in air to blow over the CPU and graphics card within your device. Dust and debris will over time collect. The more your laptop is on, the more dust it will suck in.
  3. Try to use your laptop on a hard clean surface. Kitchen tables are ideal, especially if they are clean. Surfaces such as armchairs hold hidden dust which can get sucked into your device. The soft surface also blocks your laptop’s fan.
  4. Clean out the fans and remove blocked vents. You can sometimes do this by removing the rear cover of the laptop. But beware modern laptops are not designed to be easily stripped and you can cause irreparable damage. Never use an air pressure canister as these can contain water and also force the blockage deep within the laptop.
  5. If you don’t feel up to the challenge then we recommend an annual service by a reputable computer company.